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Kaviyogi Dr.P.Pandian,IAS(Retd),popularly known as Kavignar Bacon,in the literary world,has learnt advanced yoga under the feet of His Spiritual Mentor Thanjai Govindaswamy Siddar,of Thru Murugan Ashram,West Rampart Thanjavur.

To KaviyogiDr.P.Pandian,The Cosmic Mother revealed Herself ,on 18th March Friday 1960 Full Moon Night,when he was on death bed at The Government General Hospital Chennai.The Cosmic Mother revealed Herself to him as the Ineffable OM(The Logos) and smokeless pure light as if a cloud burst of a million suns.Dr.P.Pandian was found cured of his ailment ,by the divine power as if descending from the Cosmos.He felt surcharged with divine vibrations activating his every cell in the body and he was floating on a sea of ambrosial bluish white efflorecence.

His cure was confirmed by medical tests by a team of physicians and technicians under the lateDrSadasivam ,famous thorasic surgeon.

The archives are available for further study and research in the hospital records.kaviyogi Dr.P.Pandian has also documented and has mentioned it elaborately in his books published by Leading publishers.

This esoteric experience he wanted to share with all in the world who seek enlightenment,purely on scientific line based on Reason,sans dogmas and blind beliefs.He then studied Tirumular extensively and was waiting for a spiritual Mentor who could correctly guide him.It happened when he served as The Revenue divisional Officer/cum sub divisional magistrate,Thanjavur during 1972 to 1974.It is seen he had to wait for 12 years to find the Competent Guide.

Siddar Govindasamy took him as his disciple and taught all the nuances of yoga,advanced yoga,astral travel etc.according to Siddar govindasamy St Tirumular is the source of info on esoteric subjects.

Kaviyogi established Universal Kundalini yoga centre in 1974.

Who are eligible to be enrolled as members in this yoga mission/-one may ask

1)Any one devoted to vegetarianism

2) A life of continence

3)Love for all lives flora and fauna

4)Unshakable faith on Reason,away from myths and dogmas

5) a sense of universal brother hood

6) a holistic way of life

Those who seek guidance and iniyiation in to this yoga have to fix up an engagement with the Initiator and be prepared for 3 sittings lasting 28 days in all.

The course completed,One can see the changes for good in one's own psychphysical system,when his immunity is found improved hundred folds and his out look on life is completely chnged for the better.

Ultimately one learns to align oneself with the cosmic power,and draw sustenance from the inexhaustible reservoir from above.

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