Q: Some times I feel I should break something, what shall I do?

A: That is a spendid question. Everyone undergoes such phases when channelising the instincts.

We have many inborn instincts, when each is predominant. You have to channelise it. Examples are:

  • Acquisitive instinct: You think future is uncertain. Hence you want to save even freely available things. Acquire good habits, one by one.
  • Wander lust: Travel hunger, go to a temple of worship or reading. Visit good friends. Return visits overdue.
  • Gregarious instinct: This instinct goads you to form groups. Beware. Choose a good company.
  • Sex instinct: Naturally sex attracts the opposite sex. Choose your partner carefully. Detach yourself mentally from the person you love and watch his/her behaviour as if a third person. Some may even stage manage behaviour. Hence be watchful.

You can channelise this instinct by loving all beautiful creations of Nature, like flora and fauna, and the wonders in the cosmos and thank God for the opportunity.

In essence you have to constantly watch yourself, and evaluate your progress. Be a witness is the best dictum.

How you spend your spare time determines your future. Hence beware of indulging in games of negative productivity.

Q: Why and what of initiation?

A: Everyone wants to achieve success in their endeavours, but fails because of not being able to correctly perceive their goal, does not know the route to success or does not have enough fire power within.

Kaviyogii helps you evaluate yourself, find for yourself the height to which you can soar, and helps you to acquire the required wings. Once you achieve a height then higher altitude is fixed as target and this process continues till you get your optimum growth, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Q: What next?

A: You will understand perfectly the plan of God, Brahman, Allah, Siva, Parashakti, Nature, etc. and find your due place in the cosmic pattern. You will realise that you are a micro cosmic aspect of Reality and Reality is the macro cosmos of your Self.

This realisation helps you become a yogi. Occult powers also automatically develop in you. You acquire clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel and all the eight siddhis. You are guided not to be misled in to these trifles, till you have a tryst with Reality that is the acme of yoga!

Q: Can a householder get initiation?

A: Anyone above 12 years is eligible, householder or otherwise.

Q: How do I align with the cosmic plan and what happens?

A: The cosmic pattern is that on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays during waxing moon phase and Fridays, lunar breath predominates. On other days and Thursdays during waning phase of the moon solar breath predominates in all human beings. If there is a change, one falls sick.

Q:How does yoga help ?

A: It helps you to correct it. Suppose on a Sunday you feel sick. On examination you find your lunar breath is predominent. You change the breath to solar duct. Shortly you become alright

Q: Sounds unbelievable !

A: Truth is stranger than fiction !

Q: What religion you teach?

A: You may follow any religion or no religion at all. We develop individuals to their fullest growth, and help them achieve their goals in life provided you have the minimum qualification.

Q: What actually takes place at initiation ?

A: Every individual utilises a fraction of one's energy, may be 5% to 7%. The rest goes waste either untapped or accidentally tapped and goes waste like a sudden flood in a river emptying in to the sea

Q: Do you build a dam-like apparatus?

A: Let me give you an analogy. Thorium is collected, made in to a rod and its atoms are split to get the maximum energy output. Likewise the energy stuff is saved in you and every atom in it is split in controlled fission and made to absorb in the self. Again whatever is left after usage is saved

Q: What material benefits do I have?

A: You develop physical immunity and your life span increases.

Q: Can I see God?

A: Surely! You can see your personal God, or you can have tryst with Ultimate Reality, the Nameless and Formless!

Q: It sounds like tall talk !

A: It may seem so. For this science of the siddhas was long a closely guarded secret. Now Kaviyogii is prepared to share these secrets with the world!

Q: Can anyone can become a yogi?

A: Certainly not. Contact Kaviyogii first. After fixing up an appointment with him by e-mail or phone 044-4845985 or through fax 044-4833821, he will assess and guide you

Q: Do you have any branch outside of India?

A: Yes, there is a branch in Michigan, USA, at:

The Eternal Mother Temple
551 Kennet Avenue,
Pontiac, Michigan 48083 USA
Its administative office is at,
200E, Big Beaver,
Troy Michigan 48083

E-mail: pshakthi@parashakthi-temple.com
Website: http://www.parashakthi-temple.com

Q: You say Parashakti! Are you trying to spread Hinduism through the back door?

A: Certainly not. The Parashakti enshrined therein represents the feminine aspect of the Godhead. For we can have an easier approach to one's mother than to one's father, while actually she is mother and father fused into one. For the followers of every religion who want to worship and meditate according to their individual faiths, there are sanctums wherein they can worship.

Q: What are the minimum qualifications for initiation?

A: The minimum qualifications for initiation are as follows:

  • A mind for enquiry on scientific lines, that can discriminate good from evil
  • Mind and heart to work with out expecting rewards
  • A good morality
  • Love for all beings human and otherwise, including flora and fauna

Q: How much I must pay?

A: Nothing at all. If you like you may donate to the Trust or to the Temple in USA, both of which are tax-exempt.

Q: What are the other activities of the Trust?

A: We organize lectures, seminars and subjects useful to humanity, to give family guidance. We can also undertake any act of charity on behalf of sponsors as the

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