Literary Criticism  

Coming to know that a book release function is to be held at the world university centre on 9-2-2014, myself and poet Kanavan attended the function even without invitation. For we want to encourage such daring youths. Poet Anaivariyar has gathered poets from all over TamilNadu and also from Mysore and Andra Pradesh and Orissa.

The function was a grand show, the chief address being my friend Dr. K. P. Aravanan former vice chancellor. A group of great scholars and Tamil Savants had gathered. Valuable books in poetry were released. Anaivariyar is publishing a monthly entitled Kavikuyil it is reminiscent of the revolutionary poet Bharathidasan of Pondicherry. The monthly includes a lot of valuable information for the budding writers as well as rich food to chew for the scholars as well.

I congratulate Anaivariyar and other poets who participated in the function. The organizer should invite scholars and writers without omission.

Kaviyogi Dr Pandian IAS(R)

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