Nano, in Yoga  

Yoga is the most misunder stood of discipline. Most of the practitioners think it is twisting the bodies in queer postures. Though the postures do a little good to some extent if properly done, it is only elementary. Yoga in essence consists in aligning oneself with the cosmic governing force on the particular day.

The electro magnetic waves from the sun and the moon cast their influence on the planet Earth which triggers action in all lives flora and fauna. The effect of such influence alters the course of our breathing system through an inbuilt mechanism. If the individual aligns himself with the prevailing magnetic force, his health - physical, mental and emotional - is good. By living a life fighting against nature, his brearhe course gets altered, and he falls sick.

Yoga teaches a man to regulate his breathing system, in accordance with the natural force and aligning with the cosmic system. Man is micro cosmos and the cosmos is macro man. An individual leading a good life aligns himself/herself with the macro cosmos. Even good people some time fall sick due to exertion for the public good or exposed to unexpected health risks due to their inevitabile contacts or exposure to sickness. Then they can find that their breathing course is not in alignment with the cosmic pattern on that day. True yoga should teach the afflicted man to change his breathing course to align with the cosmic pattern.

According to Patanjali and St Tirumoolar the breath has to be predominant on the lunar side (left nostril) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (during waxing phase) of the moon, and Friday.

The breath has to be predominant in the solar side (right nostril) on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (during waning phase of the moon) and Saturday.

How to align oneself with the cosmic ruling force is well adumberated by St Tirumular. I also teach my students on a scientific basis. For trained yogis the course of the breath can be changed by a mere thought on the brow of the side you want the change.

For others I have indicated in my web site as to how to change. Once the breathing system is made to align with the cosmic pattern, the road to recovery has set in well.

Kaviyogi Dr. P. Pandian I.A.S (Retd)

 Copyright 2009