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April 2014

Ring out the old, Ring in the new, is the custom bound slogan to begin anything new. For the Tamil Diaspora it is April 1st the beginning of a new venture.

2) On the 8th Sri Rama Navami begins. Sri Rama was the most ideal character ever created by Brammah. It is rare to find such a person. Sri Rama's life is worthy of emulation by every one.. What an amount of faith he had on the words of the father and mother! Superb. Now a days we see sons cursing their fathers to go to old age home.Ramarajayam will not come by merely resurrecting the building in Ayodya, but by peaceful coexistence of all faiths.

3) On the 13th Pankuni uthiram falls. In all murugan temples the festival is conducted grandly. My Gurunathar Govindaswamy Siddhar used to conduct the festival for 5 days in a fitting manner at Thanjavur. I was fortunate to participate in it with my family.

4) On the 14th the Tamil New Year begins. Chithirai festival thrills Mathurai. I have the unique blessings of the Goddess Meenakshi to compose lyrics for the musical albums sung by Bombay Sisters and Vani Jayaram - all hits, captivating the mass and directing them to the Divine feet of the Goddess Meenakshi.

5) For the Lok Sabha Elections in May, the reverberations are echoing in April. India to be renamed as BharathaDesam needs a strong Prime Minister but with wisdom and mellowing heart but right determination to act firmly against the corrupt and their coterie and their beguiling ways of enriching their estate at the cost of the common peek.

6) A Government worth its name should be able to guarantee the following with no compromise.

  1. Right to work
  2. Right to earn fully the fruit of work
  3. Right to free education
  4. Right to follow any faith
  5. Right to a residence
  6. Right to free health service
  7. Freedom from internal trouble and external aggression

If any agitation takes place to press for any of the above rights, the government deserves for the door to be shown.

7) Let us hope for a stable and honest government at the centre.

Kaviyogi Dr. P. Pandian , I.A.S. (Retd)


Kaviyogii announces a poetry competition!

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The ancient method of rain harvest
A reticulated structure made of tin sheets or made of lime mortar will be constructed just below the water spouts in the ceilings below the the house terraces. The first rain would be allowed to wash off the dirt. The second shower will fill these reticulated structures and the overflow only will be allowed to drain in to the vicinity of the household wells and the excess will run off in to the street which too will be directed to flow over soakage pits filled with sand which will recharge the subsoil water table. The further excess will be saved in tanks and ponds in villages.

I have seen these arrangements in Singampunari Panchayat Union areas in 1958. I am prepared to give free advice for those interested. Please e-mail for details.

We can take up any type of voluntary agency work for execution in India, that is entrusted to us by various welfare agencies in the world. We ensure 100% utilization as per the objective of the welfare organization, in the field of poverty alleviation front like

  1. Free distribution of foodstuffs to the poor and the afflicted
  2. Free distribution of medicines
  3. Community development work, advice, planning and execution
  4. Preservation of nature
  5. Ecological balance maintaining
  6. Tapping of natural resources for human welfare without affecting in anyway the Nature's wealth

An open letter to the heads of temples and heads of religious bodies:

We request you to kindly peruse the books authored by Kaviyogii in the Publications page. If you want talavaralaru to your temples, Kaviyogii is pleased to sing extempore.

- Kaviyogii

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