Initiation in Rajayoga  

A great boon to the humanity

Kaviyogii is making available all the benefits accruing out of Rajayoga. Avail the blessings through initiation in Rajayoga according to St Tirumoolar.

Chief benefits

  1. Learning process through right perception and right understanding
  2. Heightened awareness to come to grip with a given situation
  3. Razor sharp concentration
  4. A creative bent of mind
  5. Meditation transcending body consciousness
  6. Pain mitigation
  7. Total relaxation
  8. Sound sleep
  9. Evolving to higher level of spirituality
  10. Stress bursting
  11. Tryst with the reality
  12. Enhanced immunity
  13. A state of blissfulness
  14. Last but not least aligning with the cosmic mind

The course consists of 3 sittings lasting one hour at an interval of a week.
Course Fee: 1/6th of your monthly earning.
Only by appointment through e-mail to or Phone: 044-24833821, Cell Phone: 93840 44999

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