Universal Kundalini Yoga Centre at Mauritius  

The Universal Kundalini Yoga centre (Mauritius) branch is offering you the following courses in its spacious and well maintained institute at 50 Pere Laval Street, Rose Hill, Mauritius (phone: 00230-4667816, fax: 4667815, mobile: 7586808).

1) Yoga basic (Katha yoga) - all basic yogic poses will be taught in a one week course, one hour daily,morning or evening, timing suitable to work schedule. Models of yogies and yoginies will come from India the Land of Yoga.

2) Pranayama - one week's course.

3) Techniques of Pranic healing - one week's course.

4) Accupressure - one week's training.

5) Kundalini Yoga - 2 week's course one, hour daily in the evening after office hour.

6) Pranic healing Trainers' course - Advanced course for training the trainers, two weeks course.

7) VASI YOGA - for achieving the objects in life, it is the ultimate in yoga! Only the right and honest desires will be entertained. Unethical desires will never be allowed as they are Karmic in nature.

8) Yantra yoga - Specific yantras will be designed to worship to achieve the desired goals in life.

9) Family and individual counselling - to ensure a harmonious personality and sweet home. Approach Yogi G Teeroovengadum for details after fixing up a appointment with him.

10) Classes in agama and puja, Bharatanatya and Tamil Isai as well as classes to teach reading, writing and speaking in Tamil are in the pipe line.

To get the above benefit enroll yourself as a member in the AUM SOCIETY. AUM SOCIETY members are given 50% concession in fees structure.

Most important: Individual houses can be visited and EVIL EYES driven away by a special POOJA.


In the presence of a yogi peace prevails
No worry of worldly trivial travails!
For He is the chosen son the COSMIC MOTHER
For him there is nothing to bother!

Ever be ye a yogi and do your duty
You can behold cosmic BEAUTY!
Never worry or fear leave it to HER
It is for HER us to nurture


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