Yogic Solution  

Life's Problems and Solutions
Dr. P. Pandian, I.A.S. (Retd.) alias Kavi Yogii Bacon

Kaviyogii can give yogic solutions for problems in life. Every problem has a solution. If you have a strong conviction that problems you are facing are not fair and you don't deserve them, you can approach Kaviyogii. He will guide through scriptures, tantra, mantra, or yoga for right solutions.
Individual problems will be analysed and broken down to their constituents. Their causes can be investigated and solutions applied at the very source.

Only if the causes are not the dictates of God but otherwise, then the solutions may be offered to you as per scriptures through Nada Yoga. We are 100% sure of success if you are a person of virtue, loving mankind, respecting God and elders, and having self-restraint.

Examples are:

  • stress management
  • personality development
  • memory improvement
  • winning friends
  • total relaxation
  • issuelessness
  • mantra for ensuring safe delivery for expectant mothers
  • tracing missing persons
  • initiation in Kundalini Yoga for the deserving
  • expiation of sins and related problems

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